Welcome to my website. I’m pleased to present my first novel, In the Name of Help. It’s a heartfelt story which, while fiction, is closer to reality than most people would like to think.I highly recommend that you watch this eye-opening video about the truth behind our current Mental Health System: Mental Health: No Science, No Cures! (4 minutes)

A Note from the Author

Is it possible that strangers could step into another person’s life and take it over completely? Could they gain the legal right to dictate where another person will live and what medical treatment he will be given? Could they then cause that person to be lost for years, or even a lifetime, in an abyss of mental hospitals and board and care facilities?

Could this really happen in spite of the fact that the person continuously states, even in court, that he does not want strangers to make decisions for him? And could these strangers still be given the legal authority to decide where the person is housed, when he is sedated and if he is to be institutionalized?

Could a judge sanction these actions without ever asking for all the facts? Could all this happen under the guise of “help”?

Could this actually happen to you or someone you love?

In a civilized society you may say this could never happen. In the Name of Help is a novel exposing psychiatric abuse. But is it just fiction?

Find out for yourself by starting with the online [download id=”3″ format=”1″] and [download id=”5″ format=”1″].

Years ago, Cathryn had appeared to have everything that any person could want. Inside her head, however, were confusions, uncertainties, and private lost battles with adversaries that no on else could see but her."
- In the Name of Help, by Diane Klein.
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