In the Name of Help, A Novel
In the Name of Help Book Cover
Cathryn Silberg knew that her marriage was doomed. But as she tries to get help, she finds herself betrayed by the very people who claim to have her best interests at heart. Trapped by the mental health system and the courts, she finds she is no longer struggling to save a marriage… now she must save her own life.

In the Name of Help is the gripping story of a beautiful and intelligent woman victimized first by an abusive husband and then by a greedy “conservator” assigned by the court.

In the Name of Help tells the story of a woman caught in the mindless, uncaring snarl of our mental health and judicial systems and how with sincere help from two caring friends, she tries to fight her way back to reclaim her dignity and self-respect.

After you read this book you’ll pray that this never happens to you or anyone you love.

Not since Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest in 1962 has a novel shed as much light on the abuses which exist in what we call our mental health system.

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View artist Fred Hall’s rendition of Seguro from In the Name of Help.

Cathryn Margaret Silberg Kent was at once an extraordinarily beautiful woman... Then she married Edward and Cathryn gave him the right to affect her life and future in a way no human being should have over another." - In the Name of Help, by Diane Klein.
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